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A pioneering genetic engineering pharmaceutical company with nearly 30 years of unwavering dedication to the healthcare industry

About GenSci

Changchun GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (GenSci), established in 1997, is a subsidiary of Changchun High-Tech Industries (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code 000661). As a pioneering genetic engineering pharmaceutical company, GenSci stands as Asia's largest manufacturing base for recombinant human growth hormone and the world's exclusive provider of a comprehensive range of recombinant human growth hormone products.

Driven by the vision of global leadership in pediatric and women's health, GenSci is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children and women with innovative solutions for unmet medical needs. Leveraging its achievements, GenSci has expanded its product portfolio beyond its core strengths to include endocrinology, immunology, and oncology, addressing diverse healthcare challenges in today's complex landscape.

Today, GenSci has seamlessly integrated services, marketing, production, and R&D into a cohesive framework. Our global strategy has been marked by a strategic team layout in key regions, including the USA, Europe, and Singapore, reinforcing our commitment to offering unparalleled healthcare solutions to patients globally.

  • 1997

    Establishment of Changchun GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

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    Products Serving Countries and regions

  • 1,500+

    R&D personnel

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Our Values

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    We are steadfast in our commitment to ethical conduct and regulatory compliance, which forms the bedrock of our enduring legacy. Integrity is more than value; it is the essence of our corporate identity, steering every decision we make.

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    Innovation is our driving force. We are tireless in our pursuit of seeking opportunities and embracing differentiation, elevating modest ventures to benchmarks of excellence within our industry.

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    With a forward-looking perspective, we shape our present with strategic foresight. We meet every challenge with a pioneering spirit, enhancing our efficiency, and setting unassailable goals that propel us toward excellence.

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    Central to our ethos is a deep-seated passion for the well-being of our patients and our team. We foster a culture that is rich in compassion and enthusiasm, ensuring that our professional excellence is matched by the genuine care we extend to every individual we engage with.



Shanghai Global Innovation Center Inaugurated

To accelerate the R&D process and bring more groundbreaking products and therapies to patients globally


National Science and Technology Progress Second Class Prize

Awarded for excellence in original science and technology


Jintrolong® PEG-Somatropin

The world's first long-acting growth hormone injection, taking the lead globally for a decade


Genfulin® Molgramostim Gel

Pioneered as a leading product in wound healing and tissue repair


Jintropin® AQ Somatropin Injection

The first liquid recombinant human growth hormone in Asia


Jintropin® Somatropin for Injection

The first recombinant human growth hormone produced in China


Establishment of GenSci

Featuring genetic engineering, we began our journey to enhance the health of children with growth deficiencies in China