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R&D Innovation

Steering us through complexity and competitiveness

Research & Development Innovation

GenSci takes the lead in the fields of children's and women's health, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing holistic health management throughout the life cycle.Our sustained investment in R&D and the strengthening of our global scientific team are enriching our innovative pipelines across four additional major therapeutic areas.


We have crafted a global R&D innovation strategy that aligns with international standards, enhancing our Multi-Regional Clinical Trials (MRCT) for both First-in-Class (FIC) and Best-in-Class (BIC) drugs, all while maintaining uncompromising compliance and quality.


Our innovation is driven by five state-of-the-art technological platforms seamlessly integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which form the foundation for continuous product innovation. In parallel, we are cultivating a robust global R&D network that fosters cross-border collaboration and the free exchange of knowledge, essential for accelerating our R&D pace.


Leveraging strategic partnerships and advanced technology, we are streamlining the R&D process, ensuring our research outcomes are finely calibrated to address the complex and diverse needs of global markets.

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    Marketed Products

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    Clinical Pipeline

  • 16.5%

    R&D investment as a percentage of sales revenue in 2023

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    Held Patents;Pending Applications: 186;International Patents Submitted: 19

R&D Centers

Five major R&D centers power unceasing innovation

  • Shanghai R&D Center

  • Changchun R&D Center

  • Beijing R&D Center

  • U.S. R&D Center

  • European R&D Center

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    Shanghai R&D Center

    Equipped to house 2,000 R&D professionals, this state-of-the-art facility leads in translational medicine and clinical research. It is at the forefront of discovering new drug targets and forging strategic alliances to convert innovative ideas into practical medical solutions.

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    Changchun R&D Center

    Serves as a vibrant hub of innovation and a nucleus for the industrialization of biopharmaceuticals and chemical medicines, deftly guiding the product development lifecycle from inception to successful market entry.

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    Beijing R&D Center

    Actively conducts essential medical research and rigorously oversees the new product registration process to meet exacting regulatory standards, critical for our strategic market expansion and product diversification within China.

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    U.S. R&D Center

    Located in Washington D.C., the center is positioned as a strategic nexus for market expansion and R&D tailored to the U.S. market.  This center is crucial for aligning our R&D endeavors with the needs of a major pharmaceutical market, thereby enhancing our global competitiveness.

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    European R&D Center

    Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, this center is pivotal to our strategic expansion across Europe, crafting R&D strategies that are in perfect harmony with European regulatory standards. It plays an essential role in keeping our products at the cutting edge of competitiveness and compliance within the European pharmaceutical market.